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Growth & Innovation
Advisors for ScalingUp

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Conscious  Advisor to Growth Businesses & Evolving Leaders

Clarity begets purposeful action. We believe 99% of success lies in CLARITY about the right attractive opportunity to be addressed.  And the RIGHT ways to unleash BIG tangible value for stakeholders.

SO WHAT IS THE RIGHT FOCUS? Let's Find Out Together With 

proper framing through 90% COMPLIMENTARY Assessments after an initial 60 minute consultation (purchase below)

  • Culture/Galapagos INDEX (Adaptiveness)

  • Readiness to ScalingUp (Rapid/Sticky Growth)

  • Innovation Maturity Assessment

  • Stress-tested Strategy with Zoom Out | Zoom In  (10 Yr Horizon)

  • Innovation Portfolio Valuation ($$ and Probable Timing)

  • Innovation Organizational Assessment | Capability Gaps

  • Innovation Leadership Assessment 

Once the top Team knows & accepts today's state, a 5-9  month business transformation is possible, with a high likelihood of success. Returns of 5-10x all resources invested are common (references available).


As a team, we co-conceive business models, innovation strategies, personal brands, leadership imperatives and organizational designs to dramatically amplify 3D-world VALUE for customers, stakeholders, and leaders, emphasizing Clarity.  We do much more than DESIGN and PLAN.  We ACTUALIZE.  It's how our clients come to own their greatness.

Meet Luis.

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Heading 3

Managing Partner - EU/UK & EMEA

Niklas delivers RESULTS in close partnership with "ready" clients with Adjacent Innovation opportunities for 2024-2025 success. Key proven areas encompass: Problem Framing, Ideation, Value Proposition Mapping, Go To Market Platforms, Portfolio Asset Evaluation, and Market Testing to name but a few. Reach him at

Niklas resides in Stockholm, SWEDEN, with frequent UK & German presence. 

More at:



Boulder, Colorado


Thanks for Inquiring!

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